How to Choose the Best Table Saw for Your Needs

Buying a table saw is one of the most important investment decisions that a carpenter or woodworker can make. For anyone wanting to purchase a table saw, you have to understand what these categories mean, and what you will assume to get from saws in all category. To make the proper decision, you must be certain about what your options are.

Portable Table Saws

This is usually beneficial for artisans together with others who expend considerable time on the site. However, portable table saws manage to perform the similar primary functions as heavier table saws, but at a lower level. Instead of having a big induction motor as in the saws of other groups, these saws usually operate with a compact worldwide motor. This may mean that these saws have less power and can be noisier. The progress prepared in recent years in portable saws and work sites has made sure that they are much better and more desirable for woodworkers.

Contractor Table Saws

Contractor saws were formerly thought to be light enough to be carried from one place to another, on the fly. Most have a direct base and weigh around 250-350 lbs. Also, they can have a price within the reach of the pocket of your amateur enthusiast. The saws may be adapted to carpentry tasks and simple cabinet as well as to the manufacture of furniture. Tons of table saws now have premium fencing systems. Making use of the best quality saw blade, and using proper blades for a particular type of cut will surely help the ability of a contractor table saw like and allow you to complete several stylish carpentry projects.

Cabinet Table Saws

Cabinet table saws provided its name because of the base platform of the type cabinet totally closed. This type of saws represents another end of the range compared to the contractor saw. They must meet the capacity and durability needs of experienced carpenters. The cabinet table saws are very substantial and robust in their general structure compared to the contractor saws. They have been made with larger stumps, sets of trees, gears and much more cast steel and iron. This means that the cabinet saw is impeccable for sawing through thick hardwood easily.

Hybrid Table Saws

Recently companies have identified that there is an apparent class gap between high-end box saws and profitable contractor saws. The hybrid table saw includes some of the most needed racks saw capabilities at a price that can still be within the reach of a novice amateur. Several hybrid saws have a base more cabinet style and other types have a base and small legs and closed. In each case, the base is enclosed, housing the engine inside. The trunnions of the hybrid saws are usually attached to the base of the saw that makes the detailed placement of the blade with the miter slot less painful and more pleasant. If you are looking for advice on hybrid table saws then check out

If you purchase a table saw you are making a huge investment which means that it is worth thorough consideration. Therefore, read through table saw reviews, analyze stipulations and look into the good and bad points of any saws you are considering.

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3 Features For the Best Portable Table Saws


Table and fence setup:

It’s imperative to setup the fence and the table saw reviews properly in order to get a clear cut effectively. When you need a wider cut but at the same an accurate one fence and rails should be used that will extend beyond the table. DeWalt model DW744 has a fence and rail with expandable table which supports up to 24 ½” rip cut. The cogwheel and tooth track system allows the table to expand and the fence to be set and locked at the end of the rail. Read top article!

Another consideration is the portability of the saw, if you want to move it around from site to site or even different parts of the home, you don’t want something too heavy. Some of the sliding miter tables & additional quick-change inserts all increase the weight.

Don’t let the term portable fool you, you can find saws that have cast iron tables with double extensions for example that could be difficult to lift single handed unless you are the incredible hulk.

There are many popular brands out there among them Bosch table saw and Roybi table saws should be mentioned. Bosch and Ridgid and hitachi c10fce2 are portable that comes with expandable table adjustable to increase or decrease the width of the cut. While the Bosch table saws utilizes an aluminum rails hard enough to hold on pressure of the plywood, Ridgids are even stronger and they are more frequently used in Home Depot.

Motors and Mounting:

An important feature for portable table saws is the way the motor and the blades are mounted.
One will have to mount the blades and the motor on the bigger portable table saws with guide rods and use symmetrical tracks to lower or raise the blade. Following these clear and quality cuts are ensured by reducing the vibration of the motor and blade. Again, the vibration may come back as soon as one adjusts angles. Ridgid and Makiti portable saws use tooth and cog to adjust the motor and they use the adjusters at their higher adjuster wheel thus improving the motor carriage. Meanwhile Hitachi c10fce2 and Ryobi portable saws use pull/ push hand wheel to adjust. Among them Hitachi have plastic track and gears and for the reason their durability isn’t beyond questioning. read more from


sawThe main concerns of the accessories are to make the more use of your saws more convenient and safe while adding to their portability. Makita’s come with an accessory stand that is used to increase the width of the cut. Although the stand makes the saw bulky, with the help of the stand a 49 inches wide cut can be produced. Roybi table saws include portable steel made cart with extension tables in their accessories. Extension tables are more like shopping carts used to shop around.


If you need a table saw to make accurate cuts at a reasonable affordable price they are around & available from people like Makita & Hitachi. If you want a portable table saw with features including, a high torque 15 amp motor, adjustable fence rails & weighing just 45lbs there is the Dewalt DW745. Why not read the reviews, they will all have positive & negatives & people need different things depending upon the work they do.

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Should I Buy a Table Saw Or a Radial Arm Saw?


Among other applications, both saws can rip and both saws can crosscut. The radial arm saw, however, is the undisputed crosscutting champion limited only by the length of its arm. Similarly, the table saw reviews reveal that this saw is an unparalleled ripper limited only by its workable area (which is determined by the size of the blade opening in the saw table). Ultimately, a radial arm saw’s specialty is crosscutting, where the table saw specializes in rip cuts.

Despite their similarities, it is surprisingly difficult for one of these saws to replicate the other’s specialty. Because it is generally difficult to keep larger boards (approximately four feet or larger) square to a table saw blade (especially without a sliding panel cutter), it can be pretty darn difficult to perform efficient, accurate crosscuts on a table saw. Likewise, ripping on a radial arm saw is particularly challenging; despite the use of push-sticks or hold-down wheels, operators should always push lumber behind its motor housing – a task both difficult and dangerous. Rips are additionally challenging with a radial arm saw as, as aforementioned, the rip width is limited by the length of the saw’s arm. Also, because the blade’s teeth remain in each cut for longer intervals, a radial arm saw has a much greater propensity to overheat during rips in thick wood. It’s possible to reduce this overheating by cutting a deep groove into the saw’s table-top, but there will still be an excess of saw dust and a high likelihood of overheating (this, of course, is never good for any tool’s motor).

It is true that certain table saw reviews explain that table saw as well as radial arm saw will do many of the similar things; they perform many of the same applications accurately and reliably. Just like all craftsmen, though, each tool and each machine has a specialty, something it does better than anything else; the table saw and radial arm saw are no exception to this rule.

sawsStill, both saws are very versatile in the shop. A radial arm saw, though, is far more useful for applications outside of the sawing realm. It can be fitted for overhead routing applications, surface planning, and drum sanding applications as well. Similarly, most table saws can be fitted with a disk sanding attachment. The radial arm saw though, particularly was also great with dadoes and rabbets giving better blade for visibility as well as a better line for sight than that of a table saw. check it from

It is also important for one to consider shop space. A radial arm saw requires far less space to function properly when compared to a table saw. Needing only a few feet of free space to its right and left sides, it can be pushed straight up against a wall. A table saw reviews, on the other hand, say that it is a much bigger machine; it takes up more space and requires more space to function. To use all the features of a table saw, it must be the center of your shop with adequate open space on all four sides of the table.

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Common Types of Table Saws

table saw

Many prefer to use contractor table saws because of their standard electrical circuitry that provides adequate power for running. They are also cheaper than the other types. However, it may be more difficult to clean because the motor hangs from the saw’s rear that traps most dust in the pivot area. continue reading here:

Table saws reviews say that this saw is large equipment commonly used for woodworking tasks. With its versatile features, most would go for the conventional table saw. A saw is basically made of circular saw blades mounted on arbors and driven by electric motors by gears or belts. The blade then protrudes within the table’s surface, supporting the wood being sliced.

Contractor types are larger and heavier, having a base or stand attachments and wheels. The motor hinges at the saw’s rear drives its blade through a belt with only 750 up to 1500 watts or 1 up to 2 HP of “induction” type motor.

Hybrid table saws are actually intended to compete with the high end contractor table saws. These offer similar advantages with a cabinet saw but for a lower price. At current, hybrid table saws offer enclosed cabinets to improve dust collection. This can be similar to cabinet saws, along with a complete enclosure starting from the actual table top onto the floor.

Cabinet types are a bit heavy because it is mainly made out of steel and cast iron, both of which are responsible in increasing accuracy and minimizing vibration. Their induction motors range from 3 to 5 HP. If you plan to use this at home, you still need to install a heavy-duty circuit. read reviews from

Its motor is actually enclosed inside the cabinet, driving the blade 3 V-belts parallel. Since it is heavier, it is the most durable among the four classes of table saws. It also has the least vibration. Height and angle of tilt are adjustable. It is easier to maintain with improved dust collection and is very adjustable.

Benchtop table saws weighs lighter compared to others. They are designed for operation while using another support or on a table. They possess a direct drive coming from a general motor. Even a single person can lift and carry this to their job site. Most benchtop table saws are made from aluminum, steel, and plastic.

table sawThis is the cheapest yet also very limited type of table saw. However, table saw reviews tell that it is still fairly precise and adequate for certain tasks. It has a narrower upper portion that can reduce the stock’s width (rip able). Its shorter “rip fence” makes it difficult to project straight, clean cuts while ripping. Their small size means they have less mass and this increases vibration while cutting.

European -style cabinet saws have more modern but complex designs. They come with a good sliding table for precaution, making cutting tasks easier. The rip fences and other shed plans are lighter and a little rougher. These usually have configurations for different purposes, offering planer, joint, boring and shaper features. Sometimes, it comes with a scoring blade mounted on the front portion of a regular saw blade. It is the scoring blade that reduces splintering on certain stocks, especially the laminated ones.

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